CCJP Hosts Solidarity Supper for Sanctuary Caravan


The community is invited to a chili and frybread Solidarity Supper on Saturday, March 9, from 5 to 7 p.m., in St. Mark’s Hall at Otey Parish. The Solidarity Supper is $5 for adults and $3 for children, with larger donations encouraged. Hosted by the Cumberland Center for Justice and Peace (CCJP), the event will raise funds for the Sanctuary Caravan. The Sanctuary Caravan operates a pro se clinic, an accompaniment program, and post-crossing support for asylum seekers and refugees fleeing persecution.
At the Solidarity Supper, participants will learn how to join the Sanctuary Caravan at the border or from home. Young children will have indoor and outdoor space to play with friends. Older children and adults can learn how to make frybread. Every dollar donated will go directly to the Sanctuary Caravan.
Sanctuary Caravan is a program of New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC), which was founded by and for immigrants in 2007. As refugees are met with hostility and teargas at a militarized border, NSC is inviting people of all faiths to spend 40 days, 40 nights at the border to meet, witness, and accompany the exodus of people fleeing violence and oppression.
NSC grew from New York’s faith-based and social justice communities, forming a unique family of citizens and immigrants bound by love of humanity and mutual respect. NSC is committed to nonviolence, and stands for dignity, liberty, and equality for all people. Sanctuary Caravan is a manifestation of NSC’s belief that migration is a human right.
CCJP is a community organization founded in 1987 to bring a modicum of hope and a measure of justice and peace to the South Cumberland Plateau and surrounding regions. This mission is pursued through education, networking, financial assistance, non-violent actions, and facilitating reconciliation.