Community Chest Sets 2019-20 Fundraising Goal


The Sewanee Civic Association (SCA) has officially launched its 2019-20 fundraising campaign, with the aim of raising $105,140 for the Sewanee Community Chest. Reaching this goal will enable the SCA to fully cover the grant funding requests of 25 local nonprofit organizations and programs, including the Sewanee Parent Organization, Folks at Home, and the Sewanee Fourth of July Celebration, among others.

Since 1943, the SCA has overseen the Sewanee Community Chest, which has given more than $1 million to organizations in Franklin, Marion, and Grundy counties over the last decade. Though Sewanee Community Chest funds are largely designated for Sewanee-based outreach, funding has historically been provided to organizations beyond Sewanee whose projects directly benefit the local community.

This year’s 25 grantees serve multiple demographics across Sewanee, from students to senior citizens. As in past years, a large number of the funded organizations affect Sewanee’s youth. 

The Sewanee Community Chest is made possible by contributions from community members across the Plateau. All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made by credit, debit, or PayPal, either one-time or recurring. Checks may be mailed to Sewanee Community Chest, P.O. Box 99, Sewanee, TN 37375. For more information, go to <>. 

The following list includes organizations and programs that the Sewanee Community Chest aims to fund in 2019-20, along with grant amounts provided:

Arts Inside, $350

Blue Monarch, $1,250

Boy Scout Troop 14, $500

Community Action Committee, $7,500

Cub Scout Pack 152, $750

DuBose Conference Center, $300

Folks at Home, $5,000

Franklin County Humane Society, $1,500

Housing Sewanee Inc., $7,000

Little Bellas, Sewanee Chapter, $250

Marion Animal Resource Connection (MARC), $7,000

Mountain Goat Trail Alliance, $1,500

Reach Out and Read at Sewanee Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, $2,090

Sewanee Fourth of July Celebration, $3,000

Sewanee Angel Park, $1,000

Sewanee Children’s Center, $10,000

Sewanee Chorale, $550

Sewanee Community Center, $4,000

Sewanee Mountain Messenger, $11,000

Sewanee Parent Organization, $25,000

Sewanee Senior Citizens Center, $12,000

Sewanee TigerSharks, $500

South Cumberland Farmer’s Market, $1,000

St. James/Midway Community Park, $1,500

St. Mark’s Community Center, $600