Isn’t Whaling Illegal? 


Thirst for Knowledge will meet at 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 24, at the Blue Chair. The presentation will be given by Russell Fielding on “Isn’t Whaling Illegal? “

When most people think of whaling their minds travel back in time to the days of Moby Dick or across icy tundras to the subsistence activities of northern indigenous people. Modern whaling is generally thought of as a crime against nature. The surprising fact, though, is that whales are hunted today in more than 70 countries, mostly legally. Drawing from his decade of fieldwork exploring hunter societies in the Caribbean and North Atlantic, (including three months spent working aboard a Caribbean whaleboat), Fielding will discuss the complex world of whaling and the complicated process of developing and enforcing international environmental policies in a world made up of sovereign states all trying to share the high seas. Moderated by Dixon Myers.