Let Us Find Them, Online Shakerag Event

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Shakerag Workshops introduces a first online offering:  “Let Us Find Them: Opening Ourselves to Poetry” on Monday, Oct. 26, at 5 p.m. The event is free, but registration is required. Go to <www.shakerag.org>.

In this gathering, participants will explore why poetry is an important gift to all of us—especially artists—with a conversation between Ciona Rouse  and Claire Reishman. We will also explore different ways to enter into a poem and appreciate what a poem has to offer without all of the anxiety a poem may have given you during your grade school days. This workshop is part dialogue and part practice and all delight. Poetry is among us always; let us find it.

Poet, editor, and teaching artist Ciona Rouse is the author of “Vantablack,” the first chapbook of Third Man Books’ limited chapbook series (2017), which sold out within a few months of publication. Rouse often collaborates with other poets and artists and in 2017-18, she served as a resident poet for the “Nick Cave: FEAT” art exhibition at Frist Art Museum, culminating in a poem called “We,” which was named 2018’s “Best Poetry Performance” by Nashville Scene. Her poetry was featured on NPR Music in collaboration with musician and poet Adia Victoria and poet Caroline Randall Williams in August 2019. Rouse currently lives in Nashville, where she is working on her first full collection of poetry and several literary collaborations.

Reishman taught English at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee for years, using The New Yorker as the primary text in her 11th grade class and, with her students reading The New Yorker poems each week. She is the Director of Shakerag Workshops and also an avid fox hunter and potter. She lives in Sewanee with her husband, dog, and two horses.

Shakerag Workshops will be celebrating its 18th year in June 2021. Registration is open. Shakerag Workshops is a group of arts classes for adults held in June each year on the St. Andrew’s-Sewanee campus, in Sewanee Instructors from around the world offer classes in a variety of media – knitting, basketry, book arts, clay, digital arts, felting, fiber, mixed media, jewelry, wood working, sculpture, and painting.  For more information visit <www.shakerag.org>.