Peterman Presents Dialogue Across Differences at July Academy


Jim Peterman will address the subject of Dialogue Across Differences at the Academy for Lifelong Learning at noon, Thursday, July 11, in Lower Cravens Hall, 439 Kentucky Ave., on the Sewanee campus.

In the lead up to Thanksgiving, newspapers discuss how to face contentious political conversations with family members on the other side of the political spectrum.  Too, reports of surveys abound indicating a high level of political and moral polarization in our country. In this Lifelong Learning session, Peterman will address the question of whether it is morally okay to opt out of difficult political conversations. Why do these disagreements arise?  Are we free to avoid them? Discussion of these questions will incorporate both religious and secular arguments for there being a moral requirement for dialogue across political differences.

Jim Peterman is a professor of philosophy at the University of the South, director of the University’s Office of Civic Engagement and is a board member of the South Cumberland Community Fund. He is the author of “Philosophy as Therapy: An Interpretation and Defense of Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophical Project and Whose Tradition? Which Dao?: Confucius and Wittgenstein on Moral Learning and Reflection.”

Coffee, water and cookies are available, and attendees are invited to bring a sack lunch.

There is ample parking in the adjacent parking lot.  Sewanee parking regulations require that the vehicle’s rear bumper be visible from the parking lot aisles, so attendees are advised to avoid backing into a space or pulling through.

The cost for a single session is $3  and an annual membership costs $20.  For all questions contact Tan Hille at (814) 599-5768.