Philosopher Callard to Present Two Events


The philosophy department, with generous support from the lectures committee, invites you to attend two special events featuring philosopher Agnes Callard (University of Chicago).

Sewanee Night Owls will be from 9 p.m. until late, Thursday, Feb. 27, at McGriff Alumni House. Night Owls is a wildly popular late-night philosophical discussion society at the University of Chicago that brings together students, faculty, and other members of the community to talk about controversial topics like love, sex, death, violence, and artificial intelligence. Join Agnes Callard, founder of Night Owls, for the first ever meeting of the Sewanee Night Owls chapter, where we will discuss the question “Is plagiarism morally wrong?” (Callard will try to convince us that it’s not.) Dessert will be served. 

On Friday, Feb. 28, from 3:30–5 p.m., in Convocation Hall, Callard will present a talk “Why Does Love Hurt?”

Love is something positive: an appreciative and benevolent response to something (taken to be) good. But there are times when love hurts. How is it possible that sometimes the way in which we appreciate, engage with, connect to and house the goodness of something outside us is by way of negative emotions such as grief and anger? I argue against a variety of solutions to this problem, and end with my own, which involves a substantive revision in how we understand the basic building blocks of moral psychology.

Agnes Callard is an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Chicago. Her primary areas of specialization are Ancient Philosophy and Ethics. She is the author of “Aspiration: The Agency of Becoming” (OUP 2018) and has written articles on philosophical topics for the New York Times and the Boston Review.