Sunday Afternoon Recital

Arts & Entertainment

In cooperation with the Department of Music, a free public recital will be offered on Sunday, Feb. 23, at 2 p.m. in St. Luke’s Chapel on the Sewanee campus.  Participants include Meghan Joanna Mazur (soprano), John Gatta (clarinet), and pianists Zachary Zwahlen, William Stokes, and Gabriel Perkins-Lawrence.

The event features a performance of Franz Schubert’s final composition, The Shepherd on the Rock (Der Hirt auf dem Felsen), together with other voice and instrumental selections.  Der Hirt auf dem Felsen is a Romantic-spirited art song scored for three performers. The work expresses its singer-speaker’s frustrated love and longing in a mountain setting. Sung in German, it draws on a text by poet Wilhelm Müller.