TigerSharks Pre-Swim Registration Is Open


The following swim opportunities are being offered by Coach Max Obermiller. 

Registration ends at 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, April 10. Register at <https://sewaneetigersharks.com>.

Sessions start Monday, April 15 and end Thursday, May 16 (five weeks). There will be four lessons per week, Monday–Thursday.

Students that have not swum on either the TigerSharks or MAC teams will need to come to the pool from 3:15-4 p.m. either April 11 or 12 for evaluation for placement. If the student can’t meet the minimum requirements, they may sign-up for summer swim lessons, but will not be able to participate in pre-swim. Caps and goggles will also be on sale.

3:15–4 p.m., Rookie I—Must be able to swim to the backstroke flags (15 feet) on their own and swim freestyle and backstroke. This class is for beginning swimmers; this is not a learn-to-swim class. Primary ages 4–7 years. Instructors are in the water. Rookie II—Can swim half a length of pool easily doing freestyle and backstroke. Will be learning breaststroke and  butterfly. Primary ages 5–10 years. Instructors are in the water.

4–4:45 p.m., Junior I—Can swim a length of the pool easily. Teaching will focus on learning breaststroke and butterfly with conditioning to increase strength. Ages 5–10 years. Instructors are in the water on some days. Junior II: One or two seasons of the swim team. Will be refining stroke mechanics for all 4 strokes with some light training. Primary ages 6–11 years. Instructors are in the water on some days.

4:45–6 p.m., Pre-Senior—Have three to four strokes mastered and will work on establishing a training base. Primary ages 7–12 years.Senior—Focus will be on training and further stroke development. Primary ages 13–18 years There must be an enrollment of least 10 in the Pre-senior and senior group for the group to happen.

Cost is Rookies/Juniors, $200 and Seniors, $175. Payment is due the first day of classes. Please make checks payable to Max Obermiller. 

Both girls and boys must have a one-piece swimsuit, a swim cap (swimmers with long hair must have a swim cap), and a pair of good goggles. There will be swim caps and goggles for sale.